Funding Criteria/Eligibility

Applicants may apply for up to $5000 of funding each year. Board members will rate applications based on set criteria. Decisions will be based on the Board’s evaluation of an applicant’s performance in each area.

The specific criteria currently being rated are as follows:

Planning and Approach The application demonstrates thoughtful planning on how to do the work and the resources required. The project’s approach makes sense for the context, e,g, trying something new or building on something that works.
Impact Project demonstrates a positive impact during project and/or after the project ends.
Community Involvement The degree to which you are engaging other groups working around similar issues and engaging the broader community.
Solidarity The extent to which the group or project centres the people most affected by the problem you are trying to address. The extent to which the project addresses internal barriers to participation.
Financial context The extent to which it is possible for your group to access other sources of funding. Freedonia prioritizes grants that may not otherwise have access to funding.
Group Capacity Demonstrating that your group has the skills, ability and capacity to successfully implement the proposed project. 
Compatibility with Freedonia’s Mission Statement and mandate The extent to which your project builds non-hierarchical, anti-capitalist ideas, approaches and/or infrastructure, challenges oppression and colonialism, and/or builds toward environmental justice.

Additional factors to be considered include the amount of funding requested, the type of funding requested, the length of funding requested, and a group’s prior project history, especially projects carried out with Freedonia funding.

Please Note That Freedonia Does Not Provide Funding for;

  • Scholarships or tuition assistance for undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate studies
  • Annual fundraising drives
  • Institutional benefits
  • Honorary functions, or similar projects
  • Groups outside of Ontario and British Columbia
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