Freedonia Mission Statement

Freedonia was founded in 1997 by Gary Moffatt as an expression of his lifetime commitment to anarchism and to building social and economic alternatives to capitalism. In keeping with this anti-authoritarian vision, Freedonia provides funding and other support for the development of movements promoting radical democratic and systemic change.

Freedonia supports projects which:

  • generate, explore, analyze, and promote practical democratic social and economic models;
  • demonstrate or test models of democratic economic and/or political organization;
  • demonstrate or test approaches to implementing anti-authoritarian social change;
  • enhance ability to generate anti-authoritarian social change through development and expansion of skills, tools, and participation.
  • enhance practical co-operation among groups that share Freedonia’s vision;

In addition to funding projects, Freedonia also

  • Builds relationships with and among groups we support
  • Provides referals to other resources
  • Leverages other resources to advance our goals
  • Builds our own fund and capacity
  • Shares information about our work and vision
  • Reflects our commitments in our investment policy statement
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