As we ring in the new year and look at everything unfolding around us, aspiring to engender revolutionary change and build a better world has never been more important. Things may look bleak at times, but the possibilities for taking action are constant and seemingly endless. From the most ambitious of undertakings to the most modest of initiatives, we need it all and Freedonia can offer support. 

The 2022 Freedonia funding round is now open and the deadline to submit an application is Friday, February 25th by midnight. We invite movement organizations, community groups, grassroots campaigns, and projects that embody the politics and ideals of Freedonia to apply. We support radical organizing that is non-hierarchical in nature and oriented towards bringing about anti-authoritarian social change – projects that are rooted in principles of social and environmental justice, feminism, anti-capitalism, anti-colonialism, anti-racism, and anti-oppression broadly speaking.

We prioritize funding projects that are committed to taking action outside of institutional channels, and unlikely to get funding elsewhere. 

We provide small grants of up to $5,000 to projects in Ontario and BC, and typically administer these grants during the summer months. If you are working on a project related to mutual aid, solidarity, direct action, and/or movement building we encourage you to apply. 

Find out more on our How to Apply page.

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