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Freedonia Governance

Freedonia is governed by a Board of Directors who are responsible for managing the affairs of the organization as well as making funding decisions. They meet on at least a quarterly basis. Directors also contribute to the work of the organization on an ongoing basis between meetings.

Directors are not paid for their services as Directors. Freedonia has no paid staff.

Freedonia Directors participate in a number of standing committees including an Investment Committee, a Legal/Technical Committee, an Intake Committee and an Outreach and Promotions Committee.

Freedonia’s Board of Directors uses consensus decision-making wherever possible. Where timely decisions cannot be made by consensus, we make decisions by voting.

Affirmative Action and Equity Policy

Freedonia recognizes and values the diversity of our communities and our movements.

Freedonia is committed to ending all forms of discrimination and to the realisation of full social and economic equality.

Therefore, Freedonia will use all aspects of our work, whether internal or external, to promote social and economic equality.

In this spirit, Freedonia will take proactive measures regarding the funding of applicants from groups facing discrimination, (referred to hereinafter as “equity seeking groups”).*

Grants from Freedonia will be allocated based upon the merit of the applicant as measured using the organization’s standard assessment criteria. Where the level of merit is judged to be relatively equal, applicants from equity seeking groups will be selected.

Freedonia Investments

Freedonia finances its granting program and administration with the annual income earned from a set of investments endowed by Gary Moffatt.

Freedonia has an investment policy which sets out our investment objectives because Freedonia believes that it should implement its mission not only through the ideas, people, organizations and projects it supports, but also by how it invests and otherwise uses its assets.