Funding Priorities/2017

For the 2017 Funding Round, Freedonia invites applications for projects which are focused on expanding grassroots, face to face participation in social, economic and political activism through organizing, training and community-building. We want to hear from people who are wearing out the soles of their shoes going door-to-door, holding meetings in community centres, bringing together their neighbours, discussing and planning together, finding common ground, opening their doors, teaching, learning and practicing active resistance.

Our funding theme is always one of the criteria we use to rate applications. For a quick outline of all the criteria we use to rate applications, please click here. We also urge all applicants to read through Freedonia’s mission statement and application guidelines to assess your project’s compatibility with ours.

If your project isn’t an exact fit with our current theme, but you believe it’s something Freedonia would be interested in funding based on our mission statement, we do encourage you to consider applying all the same.

We’re looking forward to receiving your applications!