Geographical Boundaries

Freedonia disburses grants exclusively within the geographical boundaries of Ontario and British Columbia. By having clearly delineated geographical boundaries, potential applicants will not be confused as to whether they qualify for funding based on where they operate.

We have chosen these boundaries for a number of reasons.

We are well aware that statist political boundaries aren’t normally the basis anarchists would use to delineate our homes or areas of participation. However, Gary Moffatt, the founder and original benefactor of Freedonia, lived in Ontario and British Columbia, where he died. It was from among his friends in both these places that Gary chose the original Board of Directors. These are also the two regions that Gary wanted Freedonia to operate in.

Freedonia is a relatively small foundation with limited resources and therefore had to choose regions small enough to afford us an ease of administration. Being based in Ontario and British Columbia, it would be difficult for us to work with a project in Halifax or Regina.

Finally, potential legal complications were other considerations in our decision to limit funding to North of the 49th at this time.