Funding Criteria/Eligibility

Board members will rate applications based on set criteria. Decisions will be based on the Board’s evaluation of an applicant’s performance in each area.

The specific criteria currently being rated are as follows:

  • Compatibility with Freedonia's Mission Statement (rates the project’s compatibility with our over all political goals)
  • Compatibility with our funding priorities for this funding period (rates the project’s fit with the specific priorities for the particular funding period in which it is being considered)
  • Solid Planning (the extent to which the Applicants have clearly articulated, concrete organizational goals and project objectives, and a clearly articulated, concrete process for their achievement.)
  • Sustainability (the extent to which, based on the proposal submitted, a project is deemed to be likely to continue effectively over the projected time period).
  • Structure/organization (the ability of the structure of the organization to meet the project goals)
  • Community involvement (the extent to which the group has made efforts to involve the community in its project)
  • Innovation (the proposal’s creativity in addressing issues, rewarding groups which try new approaches to solving problems)
  • Equity issues (the extent to which the project proposal identifies and addresses oppressions within its organization)
  • Financial equity (the effort of the applicants to find other sources of funds to sustain a project)
  • Compatibility with cooperative economic principles (rates the project’s organizational model against non-profit and cooperative economic principles)
  • Compatibility with environmental principles (rates the project’s potential environmental impact and the proponent’s consideration of environmental impacts)

Additional factors to be considered include the amount of funding requested, the type of funding requested, the length of funding requested, and a group’s prior project history, especially projects carried out with Freedonia funding.