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How to Apply for Freedonia Funding

Freedonia’s funding decisions usually result from an interactive process between the organization seeking funding and the Freedonia Board. Freedonia reviews proposals and makes grants on an annual basis. Our 2017 funding round is now closed.

1. Application forms can be downloaded as an MSWord document or pdf - standard or fillable (please find the form below) and emailed to Freedonia.
Each application should be submitted as one and no more than two separate documents (the application and a budget).

Funding Priorities/2017

For the 2017 Funding Round, Freedonia invites applications for projects which are focused on expanding grassroots, face to face participation in social, economic and political activism through organizing, training and community-building. We want to hear from people who are wearing out the soles of their shoes going door-to-door, holding meetings in community centres, bringing together their neighbours, discussing and planning together, finding common ground, opening their doors, teaching, learning and practicing active resistance.

Funding Criteria/Eligibility

Board members will rate applications based on set criteria. Decisions will be based on the Board’s evaluation of an applicant’s performance in each area.

The specific criteria currently being rated are as follows:

Project Reporting

Project grant recipients were required to prepare a report at the end of the grant period in the past that outlined their accomplishments. However, we have done away with this part of the funding process and are currently working on a different way to hear about your project successes. Project reports are not required anymore.